Cooler Doors, Freezer Doors and more!

cold storage or cooler door

At Door & Gate USA, we install, sell and service all types of temperature controlled doors in NJ, DE, PA, and MD.

We offer Sliding, Bi-Parting, Double Acting, Overhead, and more. These doors feature

  • Temperature – Cooler and Freezer
  • Moisture – High Humidity or Frequent Washdown

  • Fire – Non-Rated
  • Corrosion – None
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications in coolers, freezers and food processing facilities.


Are your seals not tight? Is your cooler maintaining its temperature? Is your freezer door not working properly? Call Door & Gate today, 888-505-5962

Turn your tennis court into a secure one

Often times communities have tennis courts that simply latch shut or throw a padlock and chain around it, which can be a pain. There is an alternative! Door & Gate USA can turn any gate into a self closing locked or keypad entrance, complete with free exit. You can install an interchangeable core if you need to change the key often or install a keypad where you can change the code or even assign codes to the users. All of this helps to control the activity and increase accountability for any damages your property incurs.

Interchangeable Locks, IC Locks, Panic Bars, Keypad Entry, etc can be installed in almost any application quickly, giving you the control you need. Door & Gate USA serves Wilmington, Elkton, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Swedesboro, Cherry Hill, Princeton, Atlantic City, Middletown, and more.

Strip Curtain Repaired and Installed in Eddystone PA

Strip Curtain

Strip curtains, pvc strips or vinyl strips are an economical barrier to separate two spaces, improve traffic flow, provides protection against noise, wind and dust, and are often used in cooler and freezer applications.

In this application a food distributor utilizes this door to keep tracking flowing smoothly while reducing dust and transfer of the elements between one area to another.

Install or repair your Strip Curtain today in Delaware, Maryland, Philadelphia, NJ and surrounding areas by calling 888-505-6962.

Cantilever Gate Installed in Chester, PA

Cantilever Gate

Check out this beautiful cantilever slide gate custom fabricated and installed by our talented technicians!

Great work guys!

Cantilever gates are a great open for securing your property without impeding on parking spaces and incurring the expense of heavier materials. Have your cantilever gate installed or repaired in NJ, PA, MD, DE.

Push Up Rolling Steel Door Installed in Paulsboro, NJ

Rolling Steel Door

Push up Rolling Steel Doors Installed in New Jersey are a great when space is too limited for a sectional door and you don’t want the added expense of an operator.

Rolling Steel Doors come in a variety of grades from light to heavy duty. They can be insulated or non-insulated and can be painted or powder coated to the color of your choice. Need ventilation? Ventilated slats can be installed to maximize open air environments. Rolling Steel Doors can be ordered and installed within 1-2 weeks from time of order until job completion depending on the size and specs of your opening. Rolling Steel Doors can also be easily repaired if hit by simply removing the damaged slats saving you on the cost of an entire new door!

Call Door & Gate USA today to have your Rolling Steel Door repaired or installed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.  888-505-6962


“Their workmanship was superb and the equipment they installed was very high quality”

“I want to let you know how much I appreciate the extraordinary service you provided to me.  You responded immediately when I requested service.  Your employees were extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  Their workmanship was superb and the equipment they installed was very high quality.   You should not hesitate to use me as a reference in the future.  Sincerely, Ed Stier”

Check Out the Specs on this High Cycle Operator

Parking Lot Security Gate with High Cycle Intelligent Operator

In recent weeks Door & Gate USA is hearing fantastic feedback on installations of a GDI Heavy Duty High Cycle Operator. What is so great about this operator you ask? Well, this operator comes in a variety of sizes and speeds, but it is QUIET. It has a cycle counter, which is extremely helpful for preventative maintenance and warranty coverage. The HD High Cycle Operator features high speed adaptive motor & controller system with adjustable speed control, soft start/stop, 4quad technology, adjustable deceleration in reverse & emergency stop. It is also UL325 compliant! This operator has an intelligent diagnositc display, programmable controls, cycle counter, energy efficient (Savings!!!), and a 200 cycle battery back up.

We’ve used this operator on very large doors (20′ x 40′) and small high cycle parking garage doors all with high regards from customers and their guests!

Must be expensive right? Nope, this product is quite competitive considering the value added features.

Call today for estimate – 888-505-6962.

Massive Growth Despite Today’s Economy

Condo Parking Garage Gate

Many small businesses face ups and downs during the course of their business. Today, Door & Gate USA faces a unique challenge. Over the past couple of months we have grown significantly due to customer demand. The very thought of our growth is extremely flattering and excellent feedback on our mission. However, some of our customers have suffered a bit from this growth due to our slower response times. At Door & Gate, we triage service calls based on safety and security risks. We push our schedule around on almost a daily basis just to accomodate such emergencies from our customers. While this is comforting for the customer during an emergency, it can be frustrating to the customer who has been waiting for their installation or preventative maintenance work to be performed.

In reaction this increased demand and backlog of work, we have hired additional crews which are exiting company training over the next week. Door & Gate looks forward to returning to our fast response times, expanded territories and increased customer satisfaction overall.

Door & Gate services all types of garage doors, docks, gates and access controls in Philadlephia, Wilmington, Burlington, Norristown, Baltimore and surrounding areas. **Featured image is the before photo of a recent parking garage gate replacement.

Facility Management Company or Vendor Direct?

Ped Gate- Compactor

Facility Management Company or Vendor Direct?


At Door & Gate USA we get calls almost everyday from facility management companies asking us to work for next to nothing. They promise us all this work from them but expect us to charge them rates far below industry standard and rates that hardly cover our expenses if they cover them at all. These days the pressure is on from anybody and everybody trying to make a buck. One growing area of business is the Facility Management Company. These companies try to sell your business on hiring them to handle all of their building maintenance needs. Sounds good right? Outsource the vendor debacle to a seasoned pro, and reallocate the resources internally. Well when you dig a little deeper, it may not be the right thing to do.  Facility Management Companies will try to sell you on the fact that they can get the job done cheaper. This is not always the case. What a facility management company will do is tell you that they can deliver the same service for the same rate you are currently paying vendor direct. How is that so? And if so how are they making their money? Many facility management companies will demand a below market rate from vendors, and then charge you the same rate you were paying vendor direct. What does this result in? Either a vendor desporate for business willing to take a lesser profit or a vendor willing to cut corners just to get the work. A reputable vendor has overhead and needs to charge rates in order to remain in business. Many facility management companies will call every vendor they can find until one is willing to take the job for below market rates, just so they can make money off the overage.


So points to consider:

1.) If you must go with a facility management company, choose one with a high concentration of customers in your service area. This will help ensure that your facility management company has vendors/sub-contractors that they have an established relationship. Their vendors/sub-contractors are more likely reputable because they receive a high volume of work from this facility management company and therefore are able to work for the reduced rates.

2.) Expect delays in service. A facility management company is that, a management company. They typically outsource or sub-contract most if not all of the service work. This means  you have to get a hold of them, then they have to get a hold of the vendor, negotiate rates, then someone comes out. NOT very convienent when you have a forklift lodged in your door or no air conditioning.

3.) Expect to pay more. You are paying for the management services, you are outsourcing the payroll of the person who would normally manage vendors. If a facility management company promises you lower rates, its likely they are finding lower quality vendors/subcontractors.

4.) A facility management company can be a great resource and alternative to housing the employee in house, just be sure to choose and vett your options wisely. Check how they pay their vendors, which vendors they use, how long they’ve used that particular vendor, etc. All of these qualities can be indicators of the service levels you will receive.