Check Out the Specs on this High Cycle Operator

Parking Lot Security Gate with High Cycle Intelligent Operator

In recent weeks Door & Gate USA is hearing fantastic feedback on installations of a GDI Heavy Duty High Cycle Operator. What is so great about this operator you ask? Well, this operator comes in a variety of sizes and speeds, but it is QUIET. It has a cycle counter, which is extremely helpful for preventative maintenance and warranty coverage. The HD High Cycle Operator features high speed adaptive motor & controller system with adjustable speed control, soft start/stop, 4quad technology, adjustable deceleration in reverse & emergency stop. It is also UL325 compliant! This operator has an intelligent diagnositc display, programmable controls, cycle counter, energy efficient (Savings!!!), and a 200 cycle battery back up.

We’ve used this operator on very large doors (20′ x 40′) and small high cycle parking garage doors all with high regards from customers and their guests!

Must be expensive right? Nope, this product is quite competitive considering the value added features.

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