Industrial Facilities

loading dock doors

 Industrial Facilities Have Industrial Size Needs


Industrial facilities, like food processing centers, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, all require durable heavy duty equipment but tend to have the most variation in the type and age of their products. Due to the larger costs associated with the replacement of oversized doors and dock equipment, the equipment is often repaired repeatedly until the point of exhaustion.  Then finally the bandaged equipment is irreparable, breaking at the most inconvenient time possible (like right before that safety inspection – wink, wink.). Seriously though, it is no laughing matter. With heavy duty equipment comes heavy duty safety issues. When they break, they can be deadly.  Door & Gate USA has an expertly skilled service team that will work diligently to keep your equipment operating safely and efficiently.

fire door inspectionsFire Door Inspections

Fire door inspections can keep your doors open and your occupants safe. Identify potential and existing problems early so you can make the required repairs.

Dock Repair and replacement

Loading Dock Equipment Repair and Installation

Keep your loading docks running at full speed with our full service dock equipment repair and installation. Our gifted welders can extend the life of your equipment with quality welding in even the hardest to reach areas.

Dock Door Repair

Dock Door Installation & Repairs

Dock doors take a lot of abuse. Forklifts, overuse and carelessness can shorten their lifespan. Our technicians will offer you the most economical yet efficient repairs for the job.

High Speed Door Installation

High Speed Doors

High speed doors just keep getting better and better. There is a high speed door for most applications, even parking garages.

Cooler Doors

Cold Storage Doors

Cold Storage Doors keep your products the right temperature.  Don’t risk losing your goods, get Door & Gate USA on the job to get it done right.

Bug Barriers

Bug Barriers

Bug Barriers are a great way to keep your warehouse bug and bird free. Bug barriers come in a variety of options to fit almost any budget.

Strip Curtain

Strip Curtains

Strip Curtains can be installed and repaired in no time at all with our knowledgeable staff.

Entry Doors

Entry Doors

If you have a building, we have a door that fits your need. Whether your goal is to create a beautiful space, protect it or both, we have a variety of solutions to fit your needs.

wall mounted fencing

Gates Security Systems

Door & Gate USA offers a wide variety of access controls to keep the right occupants in and prevent the undesirables out.  Keypads, biometric, turnstiles, badge entry, we have you covered.

Truck Restraints

Truck Restraints

Truck Restraints are a great investment to keep you dock crews safe. Call and ask to speak to one of our experts today! 888-505-6962